Personal site positioning is the key

  the growing number of personal websites, how to stand out from the many personal sites?. The author thinks: positioning is the key
  before positioning website, please think about it carefully, what is the purpose of your website, the following points for discussion:

  and in order to make money by Google Adsense:

  Google Adsense is the content, advertising, so if you plan to make money by Google Adsense, you have to consider where some, advertisers of the competition? The more intense competition, the higher the cost of advertising, click on the higher the price.
  in view of the current situation, give some suggestions for
  1, do not picture stand, too many images, it is difficult to match to advertising
  2, do not do the film music entertainment station, one relates to the copyright issue, may be Google titles, second, entertainment advertising disaster caused by flooding water one click, down to $0.01 or even lower
  3, the content of the website not too broad, it is best to focus on a certain field or industry station information station

  two, in order to expand, there is a space for one person

  on the Internet; do portal? No, not that strength
  do video? No, traffic and bandwidth requirements are too high
  the present situation, recommended:
  1, local friends stand, not necessarily for men and women, closely combined with the local characteristics, make the line activities and promotion, if not through the network advertising to make money, also can make money online activities once, and can be pulled through advertisements in local, money faster than
  2, specific industry station, especially some of the popular industry
  the rapid development of the Internet, the increasing number of Internet users. Then the popular industry businesses, the future will also consider in the online marketing. For example, you do toilet station, then through the search to find your web site is bound to be interested in this aspect of the people, is likely to want to look for opportunities online investors or buyers. Such a site, if the date of IP has more than 2000, the value of the same IP can be hundreds of times or even thousands of times the entertainment station ah, because it contains unlimited business opportunities in the inside ah. More than 2 thousand of the toilet staff, how horrible.

  three, out of interest

  there is nothing to say original >

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