DG Xu Chau 90 APP entrepreneurs born for the mobile nternet

IDG, vice president of Asia Xu Xu guest Sina Technology interview


technology news September 5th morning news, said in an exclusive interview with sina IDG Xu Zhou, former vice president of Asia, China 90 entrepreneurs APP very active thinking, and the Internet and mobile Internet are fit and born, the next round of these people there will be a great entrepreneur, will emerge a great mobile Internet company.

following interview record:

sina science and technology: Dear Sina Sina users Hello, welcome to the world of science and technology channel broadcast. Today, I want to talk about the topic of APP, I am very honored to be invited to the vice president of IDG Asia as a guest, welcome you.

Xu Zhou: Dear Sina users Hello everyone, I am IDG Xu chau.

Sina Technology: Ms. Xu has 20 years of experience, although it looks very young. Today we want to start from the phone, smart mobile terminal APP chat. Mobile Internet and intelligent mobile platform, very popular, APP presents a blowout situation. Including sina is also a year to launch a lot of APP. Ms. Xu how to treat this phenomenon?

Xu Chau: this phenomenon is good, in the past 3 or 4 years, the entire development of the mobile Internet industry is very rapid. In addition there are many intelligent hardware manufacturers, and there are more and more applications appear on the one hand, the life of these applications are greatly convenient for us, but also changed many people’s work, entertainment and so on these methods. The emergence of a large number of APP, let us see a lot of the original unexpected some fresh ideas, and now you can accompany you anywhere. We attach great importance to the development of APP and the emergence of a large number of APP. Whether we are from the media to promote or from the perspective of venture capital, are particularly concerned about the development of APP blowout.

Sina: financial services financial class APP, social social class APP, photography, beauty is also relevant to APP, a full range to meet the demands of users. We also found that IDG held a APP game, in our view is a kind of innovation, in the past have not seen even the APP side of the tournament. This is also the focus of today’s topic to be discussed, the global APP development creative contest held by IDG. IDG what’s the significance of such a game?

Xu Chau: we are the world’s largest manufacturer of information services focused on technology. IDG business from the news media to market research, exhibition and conference, venture capital, these 4 areas. We have long been concerned about the rise and development of the mobile Internet industry. IDG venture capital from the beginning of 2006, to do investment in the mobile Internet industry, in the first batch of more than and 20 investment in the mobile Internet company in 2006. Including >

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