Didi taxi birth record waiting for the outbreak of the market has been called garbage


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taxi driver drove his master Ji no longer wandering in the Elantra lying on the road in life, every day now he stopped at the downtown corner, open to buy a new mobile phone intelligent waiting for passengers to send home to".

changed his name is a didi taxi App (download). The App principle is very simple, similar to the phone call car service. That is, the passengers in the phone click I want to use the car, and send a voice to explain the specific location and place to go. Car information will be sent to the taxi driver near the passengers, the driver can grab a key in the phone should be, and contact with passengers.

"Shirupozhu", these four words didi taxi founder Cheng Weiyong described the development of the first half of this year. He said, whether it is in the competent authorities, taxi companies or taxi scheduling center, did not encounter any resistance. Didi and even one of Beijing city taxi dispatch center 96106 (another 96103) reached a strategic cooperation, system interoperability, Didi 96106 client customization.

through cooperation with 96106, Didi taxi coverage range from more than 10 thousand taxis, increased to more than 30 thousand. Didi taxi call car information can be displayed directly in the car terminal 96106." Cheng Wei said that at present in Beijing car called the success rate of 85%, the non peak reached 90%, in addition to Beijing, in Shanghai and Guangzhou have nearly 1000 taxi scale.

the most basic communication between passengers and drivers no

Cheng Wei believes that "the taxi has become a common phenomenon in the big city, the maximum value of didi taxi and the driver is a matching user needs, reduce the driver’s load and improve the efficiency."

In the

season by taxi master view, the most important reason is not understanding between passengers and drivers. "Taxis have to go every day. For example, my home in Yizhuang, we must shift in that direction. I have to go to the five party bridge every month."

"now the passengers come up, the first sentence is’ go? ‘if I say’ go’. Passengers immediately on the train, don’t you want to go, not to shift." Quarter Master said, if so many drivers need to specify the direction, rather than empty, looking at the roadside waving passengers, did not dare to ask the past. When asked, the wrong direction, to passengers, it may be complaint rejection."

he went on, "now there are tens of thousands of taxis every day. Passengers and drivers are not even the most basic communication, and say two sentences to ask ‘where is your convenience’ can not do."

season master stressed that the taxi driver is not a lot of time to choose the road

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