AVOS China President Jiang oral how to catch up with the wave of mobility

April 2011, Chen Shijun in the Youtube to $1 billion 600 million price to sell Google, began a second venture. He bought the social bookmarking site Delicious from YAHOO, founded AVOS on this basis, and in the United States, China and New Zealand set up three offices. At the end of 2010, also decided to return home in Google over the Yale Dr. Jiang Hong, under the auspices of Li Kaifu, by the end of 2011, his team officially settled AVOS China, became president of the AVOS China district.

AVOS since its establishment, the development of a variety of products, including ZEEN, Delicious Bookmarks, delicious love have been announced to close, Delicious, playing pat, MixBit and other products in the future seems to be wavering. But Jiang told I dark horse, a lot of ups and downs are predictable, in terms of start-up companies, product failure is a kind of norm, the future of AVOS China’s focus is the Mobile Developer Platform AVOS CLOUD.

has a rough AVOS, this year will be how to expand their territory? The following Jiang Hong oral:


"immigrants" mentality

on the AVOS itself, we do each of the products want to be very clear, summed up these products out of the market, not in the direction of the transfer, but the entire Internet conversion. In my opinion, the future users will spend more time using a mobile phone using the Internet, the Internet will be mobile, gradually limits the mobile Internet and the PC Internet is not so big, so we shut down several products.

on the Delicious, in fact the beginning we knew it was going to be difficult, and many members of us are old users of Delicious, so a lot of people think it can try to make the product again. I dark horse note: Delicious is Yahoo’s website, and later due to strategic positioning sold to AVOS. After the acquisition of Delicious AVOS, its two revision, but Delicious did not reproduce. But we all know that in the process of entrepreneurship, product development often occurs. For start-up companies, product failure is the norm, but success is an abnormal state, and these are later attempts to get results, so business is constantly trial and error.

with Delicious Bookmarks, delicious love to read as a representative of the simple tool class applications, more than a year ago has stopped the development, because they do not adapt to the Chinese market. In Chinese, reading company will be more difficult, such as fruit, ZAKER, and later was a major news client portal to the development of extrusion, did not show a successful venture company’s products should have a growth curve. In my opinion, the homogenization of news leads to a weak demand for news aggregation applications. Domestic >

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