What is the essence of Wangzhuan How to do Wangzhuan


do Wangzhuan novice do not know where to start to do Wangzhuan, online information is too much, true or false, as if it were raining flowers. We must keep their eyes open, do not believe some of the good shot, do Wangzhuan not so simple. With many Wangzhuan site under the guise of deception, which lie just want to do Wangzhuan novice friends to start. How much to earn a day, sitting on what can not do to make money, and so on, impossible!!!

beginner to understand all the Wangzhuan form, we must first understand the essentials of several places:

What is the

1, the essence of advertising to make money make money online?.

2, who will pay you?.

3, why would you pay for it?.

4, what role do you play in every field, that is to say you are an advertiser, distributor, or customer?.

5, money to your bank account has gone through many links? Why these links?

I listed below several basic forms: 1, surfing Wangzhuan money, 2, money, 3, 4, registered mail to make money, money, money, 5 search, 6, 7, in the game to make money, make money, 8, 9, the flow of money, money, money investment Witkey, 10, 11, sales profit money.

Maybe the

list is not all, but I think now all Wangzhuan, basically can be classified into the inside, and you don’t need to be so fine.


to make money, money, mail surfing money, make money for the investigation of cases, if you want to do this several forms of Wangzhuan, who is paying you money? Many people think is a station, why open station people will pay you money? His money and where to? Why these stations are garbage station? What is the meaning of the existence of the garbage station? If you want to go by this train of thought, think more, you will understand more. First of all, the purpose of these people to open the station or for profit. Where do you come from?. Why do advertisers want to give him money because he has the flow, flow like what? Customer, OK, so there are four elements out: advertisers, open the station, traffic, customers. The next question is what you’re doing here. What role do you choose, you are in order to make a profit, so how to achieve maximum profit?. Why do people want to be your offline?. Then we calculate a bill, if you have one hundred downline, every one month through the assembly line can bring you the 5 knife (dollar is the dollar) income, you return to commission of 50%, that is, a knife. A month later, how many people will give up on your 100 downline, because the attraction of the 2.5 knife is a little too low?. That we count, 100 off the assembly line to bring you a total of $500 in revenue (in fact, and above, the argument is different), the return of the Commission is 50% 25>

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