Gold rush O2O customer driven N O2O business model


according to the study of consumer behavior support for the O2O platform, we put the customer behavior in this process is divided into several types, one is called demand driven; the second is called price driven; third call driven. Corresponding to different types of customers, O2O platform has different business models.

first, the demand driven customers, refers to the process of product search and discovery, the consumer itself has a strong and clear subjective willingness to consume. For example, consumers want to buy a house, looking for a job, looking for a hotel, restaurants and so on, he has such a demand.

corresponds to the demand driven O2O business platform model, the most typical is classified information platform model. In this regard, on behalf of the enterprise is typical Ganji, 58 city and people network etc..

The basic characteristics of

classification information platform model is practical, which is based on the practical information of consumers’ personal life. In addition, with a larger scale, a large number of similar information or advertising together to form a variety of online consumer goods and services supermarket, convenient for consumers to choose. In addition, the classification of information platform release price is low, part of the release of information is free, even in the part of the charges, compared to other media, the price is cheap. Classified information website also has self-help, in essence, it belongs to the Web2.0 model, a considerable number of users fill out the content. Classified information website also has obvious community, for each post by reply form, or by vertical community interactive forms to further improve.

through years of effort, Ganji and 58 city has basically established a leading position in the classification of information market, the basic profit model is for the seller advertising. In order to as an example, it provides for the seller advertising tools include several categories, a class called to help, the annual fee of three thousand yuan, to the seller Enterprises above all posted a free recommendation, within one year of unlimited self refresh; the second is recommended, there are ten positions the general is placed on the front page or is a more prominent position, the cost is 14400 yuan per year; the third category is the sponsor of advertising, a page has five positions, the annual fee is 14000 yuan; there is a category of brand advertising, is 28800 yuan.

Due to the large amount of information and a large number of users, the classification of information platform of

makes its business model has a considerable extension of space. Natural extension is classified information website can go back along the search behavior of consumers, it is gradually buy the link, so more naturally into this group purchase business model. In addition, in order to avoid the user is only a one-time transaction, the establishment of the user’s long-term use of stickiness, so the community is also a typical direction of this type of site.

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