The zeroth step find your co founders

Jamie I have a great idea. Can you give me some advice?

every two or three days, a letter will appear in my mailbox. Then you ask him, "do you have a team that can do this?". It’s like going to the press to play three to three bulls, and even the center has not yet found, you have been discussing how to use tactics. That is basically not much significance, because if the next thing is to find a defender, and now this is simply pushing the white sand.

so the zeroth step in the business, you have to find your teammates, that is, your co-founder. I said it was the zeroth step, not the first step, because to find a co-founder, you have not yet started the business, it seems like only one person, you go up bullfighting can only be slaughtered. So before you want to conquer the world of dream, please find your co-founder.

a good core team who should have this?. But I think there are at least four of the following:

Product Visionary – insight into the needs of the market

Designer – people who can design a good user experience

Hacker – a quick solution to the problem of people

Hustler – people who can quickly solve all other problems

has the four properties group is less than four, that a person can have attributes of more than two, there may be several people have the same property, but a "complete" network early entrepreneurial team, probably must combine the four kinds of ability. If you think you are a Visionary Product and Hustler, then you have to go to your Designer and Hacker to find, or to find a Designer & Hustler ability of Co-founder.

of course you may have one of these four capabilities, but it is almost impossible for one person to be able to take care of these four things at the same time, and they do well. So unless you just want to open a small studio, you’ll have to find your Co-founders sooner or later. In fact, the success of the Network Inc, the beginning of the number and capacity of Co-founders, almost determines how long the company can go, how far. Therefore, to find a good core team is a prerequisite for entrepreneurship, the zeroth step is not the first step.

Author: Lin Zhichen

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