Sina blocked Ali mother Tao road in where

Ali was founded in Ma and many Internet elite efforts, the rapid development of its website, especially in the B2B platform most rapid development, gradually become a model of domestic well-known B2B success! It is reported that in 2009 total turnover of up to about 200000000000 yuan, the daily turnover of more than 560 million on average.

05 Ali group timely launch of Ali’s mother, mainly to Taobao customer promotion, advertising, Taobao alliance forum around Taobao, Taobao shop as a website content. Taobao customers with its unique profit model and Taobao huge turnover attracted a lot of individuals, companies to participate and join. A short period of time to 50W of Amoy Army (not including give up for some reason friends). Many of the guest promotion mode and method, with personal experience, hobby, experience, knowledge level and so on are divided into different ways of promotion, the blog space and website promotion for the mainstream.

recently discovered Sina blog started blocking shielding Ali mother advertising news, many use blog promotion of the Tao have no way to go. Simply exit, transfer positions or another way? And you together to interpret the soldiers.

1 to completely exit the Sina blog promotion and sales flow in their benefit, because Sina blocked out? Amoy High Commission high income is not the ordinary people can resist the temptation to believe, this is not obviously makes them quit reality is not objective.

2 positions in the blog space platform, mainly Sina, NetEase, Baidu, etc.. Sina has become the main front propaganda many Tao guest choice is because of high popularity, large flow, the most important is the custom log plate, can be added to the ad code and the effective link; NetEase have tried to add the code of advertising, but there is no link status map. Not to mention the Baidu space, and its efforts to ban advertising has long been revealed. So the road is blocked.

3 website promotion website with its unique content and simple way of promotion (relative blog space) choose this as their propaganda to attract many amoy. But many domestic space business, how to choose a stable and cheap space? In a public network ( as an example, the Taobao customer group launched the "1G + + free space domain name record + free guest program + based tutorial" package price of only 198 yuan. The author through the interviews with many users learned that the space has the following merits:

I am in the service of a lot of owners to communicate with the time to understand that some of the space agents or agents in the pre-sale service attitude is different. Makes the purchase of space webmaster feel shangliaozeichuan, but do not know how to jump. Therefore, the author of the public network for customer service attitude or appreciate. Thank you very much for the customer service here, which is why I put it in the first place. "Money

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