Rely on AD to earn a pot of gold

see a lot of people say in how to write on the AD website, today’s Techweb saw a soft forum, write the Gigabyte motherboard, at the end of this article I will not reprint, interested friends can see.

In fact,

AD is really can make money, I am a media industry, last week received a live, write a post to AD software, 1000 / 200 is probably the standard software name is not to say, is a new music software. He told me that I was only responsible for writing, and then posted by the person on the forum. From this process can be seen, this is an industry, the following for a simple analysis:

1, as the first step, the industry chain is me, is AD to write, to write to meet the requirements of the content, not only to play an advocacy role, but also to grasp the discretion as far as possible not to be removed after all 1000 / 200 standard is relatively high, when I earn one improper benevolence spend money.

2, posts, their purpose is to post, this is a manual work, but also can earn money. Revealed that, in fact, the AD is very clever and very low-level, not the kind of one can see. For example, many people think that AD is their own articles in some form to join the propaganda, in fact, we had users in different tone from different aspects to lead us to publicity of things. For example, I can say that Winamp how such a decline, the root cause of the who! And then for a ID, because too many competitors, such as the domestic XX software, the function of the XX is much stronger than him.

3, the company played a promotional role, improve the number of users, of course, make money.

although this process seems to be not much contact with the site’s webmaster, and I say just tell you, AD is actually very good.

in addition, to say my own propaganda site practices, one is the above soft AD, the content interspersed with them, play a long-term effect, not the pursuit of instant results. Another is the pursuit of instant effect, in this article, I use the instant effect, do not talk about any skill, direct naked AD, the effect is good, because in such a place is to use the time is not much, not all the traffic, we must seize the time flow large in this case, quickly bring traffic.

finally do a small ad, there is a need to write AD articles of the enterprise, manufacturers, need to release the soft Wen can contact us. We have professional AD writers, good media resources. Contact QQ27179, indicate the purpose.

finally attached to the motherboard Gigabyte soft, we can look at:

soft Wen appreciation: Gigabyte to help my husband back man confidence!

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