Discussion on the four factors that determine the profitability of the business website

everyone do website in order to profit. The idea is undeniable. Without this idea, the establishment of the website is to burn. The establishment of the site requires a lot of cost, but much less than physical stores. However, we still can not be ignored a little pot of gold is the webmaster want to make life in the internet. Facts are often unsatisfactory. When we really run a website, only to find the original idea is how naive. However, profitability is the ultimate goal of a website. So, we should do how to profit? I share some experiences and ideas here, I hope to help you.

first: understand the needs, you can know the profit space.

we want to buy a product, is a manifestation of demand. If an enterprise does not know the needs of consumers, the production of products can not be determined. Companies can only analyze the size of the market through a number of professional data. When the webmaster website, also need to know the needs of consumers. Our website is to be able to sell the product, instead of helping others to do promotion. If your site is just the role of promotion, not much profit. Enterprises do not know the needs of consumers, on the blind production, the result is a large number of stocks piled together. If an enterprise knows the size of the consumer’s needs, it is possible to know whether or not to produce the product. Because the demand for this product can not reach the profit of the enterprise, it may give up, the same reason, the type of site determines the profit space. In fact, the type of site has a great relationship with all walks of life, but different ways of consumption. We have a clear understanding of our own web site. For example, the number of this type of site? In reality and how many people are buying the products? If in reality does not have how many people to buy, you think there is a lot of people buy? These various needs and issues related to clear, the site of the profit space is getting to know about. We have a warm blood, but can not do without a rational brain. The needs of the site with the reality to do a comparison, so as to understand whether the site can profit?

second: understand the product object, know how to consume.

online shopping is the type of people or people who buy things online at that age stage. We must clearly understand the object of the product. If you do not even know this, then the site’s profitability is a very distant thing. Because we know nothing about the object of the product. For example, when we are in the war, we must have an objective and rational understanding of the enemy, not an opponent. The key to a successful war lies in every soldier. The product is sold to others, so we have a deep understanding of the people who buy it. We do, is the need for consumption on the Internet, is also the consumption group is that some young people, rather than the elderly. If the stone products for the elderly, sales will increase the difficulty. Now the younger generation, like online >

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