Silver startup compression process cost of some project experience

I mentioned the cicada squad in compression process costs, or more effective. This part can be said, perhaps a little help to others.


on the project

so far, although we only made a cicada travel, actually also made four other App design, just don’t have time to put on the R & D.

is the process of the project, usually by first I put forward an idea to talk with you; if you do not encounter strong opposition, and then talk to a few friends and family. When I was a little bit at the end of my heart, I looked at the prototype of the same kind of product, and it came out of the Axure prototype – it’s not going to last more than two days. But it is also possible to find ideas in the process does not fly, they gave up.


low fidelity prototype draw squad will squeeze into a lump of cicada, listen to my explanation, advice. If you do not encounter strong opposition, please UI designers take time out of the PSD, usually only the home page, the main small pages are not tube.

and I left the visual release Kaodao mobile phone, meet acquaintances out to see him, and listen to how outsiders evaluation.

for the new project, I will tend to design a good time after the "rather than immediately launched. Of course, we don’t have time to invest. Putting it on will make the idea grow and get more feedback from outsiders to improve the design. Before a App at the beginning of encoding, may have changed a few times a lot of details of the prototype, correction.

cicada travels treated in the same way, often the schedule in the six months after the first module design, put half, repeatedly changed. This can offset part of a rapid design. In front of a set of things, will have a more detailed thinking. Ideas need to be quickly translated into a convincing prototype, or simply shoot the head out of the idea, not qualified to discuss do not, not on.

on a complete version of the process

A normal version of App iterative

cicada travel, usually in 3-5 weeks.

version of the program in the small function point by me directly set, large functional point to consult the Engineer in advance, go over the prototype review. That review, is actually all crowded into a lump, listen to my explanation of the prototype. Finish any objection, I put a visual task scheduled at Tower, confirm the good time with UI designer, the designer according to the schedule of PSD put it down in black and white (Tower collaboration there).

before the launch of the new version of the development, I will be ready for all of the PSD, the version of the program on the Tower blue label logo. Agreed with the Engineer in advance with a few weeks or so, each of the research and development of a functional point, in the Tower hook off, every day to see the progress of Tower, the morning will not open.

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