Lianmeng to clean up the Google search ads cheating data description

to clean up the "Google search ads" cheating data description

    thank you for your partner has been the support of the alliance! audit in September Google search advertising found that part of the site’s Google search volume is significantly higher than the same ranking site average. After the settlement data provided by the Google this part of the members of the site cheating fraud, the elimination of the relevant account fraud data and expenses in September.

        maintenance based on the principle of fairness, solemnly declare that, as a responsible Internet advertising and marketing company, most of the webmaster is willing to maintain the interests of the users, Google offers exclusive advertising products for all services; at the same time, as a fair and open advertising, fraud never damage estimation of their own development and damage the interests of the majority of owners of the minority cheating website. in the future will gradually strengthen the audit efforts to join the site, we reserve the right to further processing of cheating accounts.
    if you have any questions about the alliance settlement, please email directly to [email protected] Thank you very much for your support!

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