Li Jingliao entrepreneurial motivation not so sacred may not be able to stand the abnormal boss

Internet entrepreneurs, most people can think of the first mind, it should be Li Jing. This originally belonged to the entertainment people, actually mixed up epoch-making internet. There are a lot of people good, business failed, there are many people who have ideas, business failure, but the entertainment is Li Jing, 5 years of playing the Internet, LAFONT network is still alive, is said to run well.

today at the APEC young entrepreneurs summit, Le bee network Li Jing and a group of Internet men talk about entrepreneurship, she said entrepreneurial motives are not so sacred, perhaps it can not stand the bad environment, can not stand fake. Hey, CCTV is really not a place to stay? The following is Li Jing’s readme:

finishing: Li Yanglin


looking for investment, don’t believe a mercenary friend

I was 27 years old to start a business, from CCTV, although a lot, but I really can not stand that kind of depressing environment. After I came out, like many entrepreneurs, wrote special program planning case, unlike now in such a meeting to change the name card, looking for investment, with my usual wine and dine people talk about my thoughts, I later found out that they were limited to wine and dine, no investment. Later my mother gave me is our family savings, let me do a "super visit", I also very disappointing, "super visit" the first year was popular on both sides of the Changjiang River.

entrepreneurial motivation: perhaps it can not stand a perverted leader

I think entrepreneurship is 80% of the current situation of the soul, the spirit of a depression, I was earning $more than 5 thousand, was considered a lot, but I think the mind is particularly depressed.

I thought I was supposed to be in the upper class, but I found out that I can’t stand it. When I start, at Xiaoxitian rented a residential building, the little dirty restaurant, wearing slippers, not white formica. I feel that I belong to Xiaoxitian, belongs to a small dirty hall, drinking liquor, the girl eating mutton bragging, I very happy, especially on my spirit free.

I think a lot of people venture because you are a sick boss and a bad environment, there is a particularly bad state, never say what ambition, must say how, how much money, or to be famous, is a kind of special primitive emotion.

why choose to do the Internet, the future will force star economy

I have never bought anything on the Internet, I will email only paste, my understanding of the Internet is in Sohu and Sina entertainment news. Choose the Internet is because Shi Nanpeng wanted me to do it later when we hope we cast the Sequoia, made us like Martha brand, have their own cooking pots, have their own brand. I remember when I tried to go to Taobao, a stupid guy. So >

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