To make money in the qijianxiatianshan

we all know there is a martial arts called Six Meridian Swords, on a whim, I wrote a seven pulse Excalibur, equivalent to its back! After all good things must have a perfect ending to, or simply do not end can let essence can endure, this is our pursuit the.

is the first sword, whether making money online or offline to make money, they cannot do without a point, that is whether it is popular popularity! Initiative, or passive, only Renqiwang can make money. Otherwise, even if you no matter how good things, no one is no good. And if things are not so good, but a lot of people, it may sell part of. Making money online is the same reason, the so-called popularity is actually visited, as long as you continue to page someone to visit you successfully from the nearby step, traffic (or flow) is the first step of our success. How to improve the traffic? Baidu know, search engine, blog promotion, QQ promotion, 51 promotion, 58 promotion information, website information, spam message, the forum message, forum posting, viral promotion, Trojans, pop together, not afraid of no flow although these are difficult, but as long as you hard, also will have a satisfactory harvest

second sword, if you do not understand the technology, but also do not want to suffer, how to do? It is also a way to change money, such as in PPC or buy advertising to get traffic, it is to buy popularity, with your gains popularity, revenue minus investment is the final profit.

third sword, to attract the world to do stand talent, master, if you do not understand the technology, that is the only way!

fourth sword, if just to make money, do a dumpster to some traffic.

fifth sword, want to succeed in the work, the ability to rely on thirty percent, relying on the network by the seventy percent, so to promote their contacts!

sixth swords, do things to sleep, such as man, do not have a plot against others, now, Chinaz, Admin5, im286 of the three owners gathered most of the places, every day is very frightening sound. I dare say that the curse of these owners are low income poor. But why do they curse all day?

1, Inferiority:

low self-esteem people like to behave very conceited, think that this can cover up their self-esteem, so always like to hit others to raise their own.

2, jealousy:

see other people can share their experience, while using the sharing of experience in the process of promoting their web site, but the owners themselves have no experience to write. So they can’t eat grapes. So they went to scold those who are stronger than their own.

curse curse curse curse of the community, these do not have any use, curse is not only for others do not respect, but also on their own

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