Online education you can learn new media technology

wind came, at the outlet of online education are but not with the wave of Internet Education boom fly, Gong Haiyan from the 91 teacher network education platform, to focus on the non vertical platform of education online education website maintenance, many online education practitioners who can not grasp the direction. At present, online education has been like a boat by land residents with high expectations, in the vast sea of the Internet floating confused, hard road.

and many industry commentators point of view is similar to the small modest that the current online education is not called online education. The product line to the network sales, can not be said that the development of online education in a wrong idea, but it is impossible to become the central idea of online education. Breakthrough in the development of online education, the need to change the development of thinking, this thinking I think we can learn under the new media technology.

online education is not without pain points can grasp but can not catch up with

online education entrepreneurship, do not do a platform for online education and how to do these two issues at home, I think so far there is no successful case can be very convincing answer our questions. Education and social development as one of the most closely related to the field, after the penetration of the Internet, the maturity of the online education industry appears to have the ability to form a monopoly competitive online education platform, is the trend of the times.

but at the moment, the time has not come. Under the line of education market space in the accumulation of years, has been very mature. Such a situation under the circumstances of the line, we may fall into a wrong idea. Whether education online education or line, anyway, are education, under the line so unconvincing market has been opened, make full use of online education viral network marketing should be more powerful, not easy to develop


but in fact, begin to subvert the traditional education, to seize the resources under the line of education, such a subversion of the logic of online education started to become a general person, can only hold their hands and feet and other body part of the open diffuse diffuse subversion journey.

in such a situation, also told us a message: who has been struggling to complain about the lack of business model, grasp the user pain points online education practitioners, in fact, is the existence of a large number of user pain points on their side, they are mature enough to maintain online education before the arrival of survival business model. But they are under the influence of the trend of the environment, I do not know those who do not grasp the user pain point which is the most suitable for their products.

rooted subdivision area to learn the logic behind the construction of I dark horse ecosystem

online education compared to this piece of the emperor was only a short position with the general, science and technology of the new media were able to touch the beginning of the traditional network media to open the vast market. Their appearance is in a certain area of the media value of a greater degree of release. So >

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