The crown bar Amoy Promotion Month Chong drilling experience sharing

guest everybody have heard, many of my friends have tried, but not to the "0" make a lot of friends give up halfway. Today I will talk about the second station, how to drill the crown in a month.

note: my promotion may not be suitable for all, but may be useful to you. I would also like to remind students of Amoy friends like me, a good and effective use of resources around, out of the sky for you.

first look at the picture


first explain why is 5 stars, mainly because of the National Day Holiday Express, so certainly no deal, after the national day I have no time to promote, so the income stagnated in 10.12, these days I began to continue to promote, also estimated three or four days to drill, as long as a few transaction is enough.

well, I’ll tell you how it works. Say the necessary steps.

we call it the preparation phase.

The modified

1 website content is very important, there are a lot of home at first station on link can not reach the store, therefore, first of all to ensure the effectiveness of the link, because any one to open the shop of IP may bring deal for you, if the first is not open, you also don’t expect he will patiently again try other.

2 ensure effective links, there is a point that is a lot of guest friends often neglect, is to prevent the link out of. We have to make sure that each connection is.

3 site big column switch not set out a new page, a lot of friends in order to increase the flow of PV, all set to jump out of the new page. We want to know, and now the user is still a lot of IE6, and not like IE7 or travel, such as the browser label. You have to consider the user the taskbar have three to four pages. And these stations are commonly used by users, such as Baidu or other. So, what we have to do is not to jump out of the page, but in a concise way as far as possible to allow users to remember you.

preparations need to pay attention to the above points, there are many of my friends are aware of, I do not need to explain.

is the next phase of the promotion of amoy.

first thing I met in September 8th, after this event is the number 10, I built the crown and started to promote.

the day I started to go shopping from the school, the purpose of the station is the gathering point of most students, because this is a shopping area, so the students out of school here. After I got off, there was a man came over and handed me a business card, a closer look, is a Taobao shop on the business card. I was thinking, if this time to give me a flyer, then I will not hesitate to throw away. But this is one

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