Blog is actually very profitable talk about the importance of blogging

maybe you just saw this title came in, want to know why the blog is very profitable? Yes, the blog is actually very profitable, you should first of all, this sentence should be in their own minds, repeat 3 times.


blog has been as a record of our life, work, and other relevant aspects of a good tool, through the network marketing will become a very important fourth media, in the network tide, we have opened a blog, greatly small blogs such as bamboo shoots, hard to take, have the BSP blog has independent blog, and more independent blog I concern the development of the following. Independent blog is a blogger named Incredibles to buy their own domain name space to the establishment of the blog, this to a lot of trouble than a blog on BSP, such as spatial domain and some other related things are to go to their operation, so we will set up more cherish, hope it can grow up healthily, through which we show them one side, let everyone know the blogger through it, or other related knowledge.

blog if we want to grow healthy, a very important thing to do is to send daily articles and for the chain, do not underestimate the two things, can persist bloggers less, actually we just started a blog are trying to give it to do good, the starting point of all Jian Bo, the interest is there, some hope that we can understand their own, some for money. And I think the money and interest is the most important, but also allows you to blog has long been the driving force behind.

said the blog to make money at home, do good should be brother and Lu Songsong’s Moonlight blog blog, and some relatively small blog or with a bit of GG income in free strong live, at the forum, everyone in the discussion topic often blogs, a mood is very low why, in the China blog to make money so difficult, even the space domain and manpower cost are not come back, some of this is also the reason why many blogs less than half a year to disappear.

why do you say that the blog is actually making money, you are not playing their own mouth?.

1 blog can help you organize the information.

is now the explosion of knowledge society, every day we will contact a lot of new knowledge, as the saying goes, "forget it," if your memory is good, if a long time without touching it, is almost forgotten, but when you really need to use it, but you can’t think of it that is, how sad and sad, but you have a blog, you put you in touch with new knowledge and some important knowledge records, I believe you want to use it would be handy.

2 blog can accumulate contacts.

human resources is very important in this society, a network of veins is money, even if your blog is not making money, you know a lot of friends through the blog, and more cattle people in some industries, that your blog is a blog to make money. "

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