The elephant founder Liu Kenan nternet product explosive growth of 10 Rules

lead: even if the 10 key points of simple grasp of Internet products and also endless. But it’s very expensive to use your product cost is very high, there will be an explosive growth.

follows from the elephant founder Liu Kenan in the "2014 China innovation incubator program theme training" speech in dry cargo. He shared the following explosive growth in the process of the elephant condom 10 Internet product law to entrepreneurs.

Liu Kenan: we did the first elephant condom (hereinafter referred to as the elephant) this product, because there are a lot of young friends around us, together when discussing condoms have what pain points. Then I thought of designing a unique product to solve these problems.

fun, easy to use is a unique experience of our products. For example, after opening the elephant, automatically help you distinguish between positive and negative points, that is, we like. Is a traditional condom users buy it. Our products are not the same, it is a relatively complete product experience process. For example, we are also equipped with a garbage bag. Of course, we also have some other accessories.

elephants there is a feature: upgrading particularly fast. Young people like this, the elephant will have been upgraded, until it is particularly perfect, will develop other categories, because this product is a very difficult thing to do. Our goal is to be like apple.

we are now mainly through the official website for sale. First, we can interact with the user, but also to provide users with the best service. The first batch of products are sold through the official website, but also through Watsons to sell. Like Watsons these channels are active to find us. When your brand is good enough, the channel will take the initiative to find you.

initially, the elephants were my friends. When the user becomes your friend, you will do your best to serve him. And then let them influence their friends. Our investment in advertising is almost zero, do not spend any money to do the work, but you can find us in some media. Like WeChat, we are able to play the hands and feet of the communication channels, including the rice chat we despise, watercress, Baidu post bar, unfamiliar street, etc..

we currently have a plan, is to do a virtual Internet end products, and affect more users. Say you may not understand, in other words we developed the concept is: to find a human desire, an everlasting see through it in a modern way, and the Internet to provide users with services, create benefits.

as we know Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the first level is about sex. So we can think of the Internet can be used to make a product, the first to attract enough users, and then let them buy the actual product, many of our ideas on the product are like this.

below I summed up a few ideas about doing Internet products:

one is to let users use you >

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