You GG new publishers FAQ summary

question 1: can you change the payee’s Chinese name?

answer: not. The name of the payee has been confirmed at the time of submitting the application, so that it is not allowed to be replaced by others.

question 2: can you change the name of the payee Pinyin


answer: yes. If the payee name in your account is incorrect, please follow these steps:

1 log in to your AdSense account, click " my account " link.

2 Click " payment details " next to " modified " link.

3 " set the Western Union, and then click on the ".

will see the page to modify the Pinyin Name:

in the corresponding lattice to fill in the name of your pinyin can be Pinyin, the size of the alphabet does not affect, but do not add space between the names.

please note that the name of the pinyin must be in accordance with the Chinese name of the account, otherwise it will not be successful.

question 3: can you add ad code to other sites?

answer: we welcome the publisher to any of its own accord with the AdSense planning policy website Google advertising or join AdSense search advertising box. You do not need to submit the audit in advance, you just need to copy and paste the advertising code or search code on your website. Moreover, all revenue generated will be accurately credited to your current account.

question 4: how do you know that the PIN code has been sent?

answer: if the PIN code has been issued, there will be a pink prompt box on your account page, you only need to press the prompts to view the time to send PIN code.

question 5: did not receive PIN code, how to do?

answer: if you have not received the first PIN code, you still have a 2 chance, can apply for a repeat PIN code, PIN code sent in the first 3 weeks after you can apply for retransmission. Please check your address before retransmission. You can click on " my account " tag under " payee information " part of " modify " to update your payment address.


application steps are as follows:

1 log in to your AdSense account

2 Click " my account " tab

3 to enter the payment history page

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