Make money by deception sad garbage Alliance

from the beginning to learn to do stand up to today, has been almost a year’s time. Web site to make money, is a number of shining words.

is the first site to establish a happy mood, in 2007 of July to start advertising advertising alliance. At that time, the first advertising alliance is popcorn click 1 times to 3 cents a total of hundreds of dollars a day, it did not have a settlement, suddenly called me to provide customer service statistics, said I have a problem with the data. (the first time I heard advertising requirements to provide statistics, unless it is linked to the horse Union) also provides


said the results of my website has a horse, I opened the look it was linked to horse. Popcorn JS code hidden trojan. I also closed the account, no settlement.

League really dirty ah popcorn. Webmaster careful.

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