want to tell the world Yiqifa alliance webmaster all know this thing

I do not know this post ADMIN5 will not give me a review, but I try to hold the mentality of the release or try it! It is not easy to wait until this week to pay, but the heart is not happy. It’s not that this money is just not good enough for you! Here are 450 dollars last week.


today, ICBC inadvertently audit found that more than 382 yuan (the money is very puzzled where to



was a union that is the Yiqifa check. Did Yiqifa people should know that he is not the general background of this alliance is not the general waste complex (data called a point cannot read)

registration he will call you choose to pay 100 yuan or $200 or $800 payment options. (general webmaster will not be sure to see 100) I believe we all know that in addition to the domestic market should be only 800 yuan in the service of the mother of Ali, so the general terms of the flash will not go to see!

I really want to say here that you practice Yiqifa alliance accord with the provisions of the state? I want to complain about can not find the door! I hope the Webmaster Help! Help me hold this post! Not because the $68 tax, my heart really uncomfortable! Hope the brothers help me to post this far. Thank you

contacted the customer service said it was my fault, the registration did not see clearly.

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