A year to talk about how to do Taobao

from June 2009 began to register Ali mother to do Taobao off, there are two months a year. So do Taobao customers can not make money?. The key is how do you do, how to do? Here is my experience, I hope to have a friend tips.

When I started doing

, do a month, was built in the blog Hexun, mainly recommend some crown stores, but there is no income, then stopped, thought not to earn money. By the time of September to the background of Ali’s mother to see, there are dozens of dollars of income, so they continue to do Taobao guest, until now.


and this blog revenue is less, and later opened a NetEase, Sina, Baidu blog, probably a little income increase, but not more than one hundred yuan a month. In November, once had a free NetEase blog tools used in their blog, really for my blog with great flow, this month to increase the number of blog browsing, their income is also known for, at this time also uses Sina’s blog on each other at this time. My Taobao passenger revenue to maintain a month about $300, but with the popularity of the blog growth, suddenly one day my blog is not NetEase, of course Sina blog is doomed, there should be a lot of people’s fate should be like me. And now Sina blog does not allow Taobao guest links, with Sina blog bad to do, so now I also stopped using a blog to do. In a word, the blog is not good.

After the closure of the

Sina and NetEase blog, in various forums, it is day and night, made a little more than 500 of the month, too hard. And now some forums to see the link on the closure, but also do not say Taobao guest links, and now the popularity of the forum can not send a basic link posts, other forums can be issued on the flow is too small. I am still in the forum post, mainly part of the forum posts can be included in the search engine, can bring a certain amount of traffic.

later on the Internet to find the relevant methods, it was said to open a Taobao shop, the Commission is relatively high commodity into the store inside, and then notify the employer to buy goods. In fact, this method doesn’t work, don’t say you are not a money problem, the credibility of the crown shop, even Diamond credibility is not, you who come to the store to buy things, this is only a deception had not opened Taobao shop friends. If there is a shop, but the credibility is relatively high, then this is really a method, I have only one diamond shop, so do not do.

later had to do a website, which is in 2010 after the completion of the year, the record is passed on in February, on the back home of the new year, mainly recommend some crown shop in January. Learning SEO technology, the site is still rich in content. Ali mother bought advertising, text and graphic forms, but the results are poor. Now is the website content rich, Baidu is using SEO to come over, large flow would be easier. Yesterday is still the first website

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