Thank the media push free webmaster kylin ipad2 and digital camera activities

to thank the webmaster friends for many years to give our support and love, and expect more new friends to join, kylin carefully prepared ipad2, Canon digital cameras, Hivi speakers, RAZER mouse super Carnival gift.

winning places reached an unprecedented 100. For the upcoming blockbuster activities open, do not miss Oh!

              active link:

activity time: July 10th 0 –8 on August 24 at

activity rules: according to the activities of the owners of all the friends in the Kirin income order. Award different prizes according to rank.


Prize issued: August 21-8 month 31, we will check the winning results, statistical data, receiving a super prize, announced to express a single number


important tip:

A: in order to confirm the activities of justice, fairness and truth, Kirin decision is as follows:

1, Kirin will be in a dedicated page to update the daily income ranking.

2, kylin will release all the prizes paid the express order, and follow up.

* Please take pictures of the winners after receiving (courier, packing boxes, prizes, invoices, and my photo) to us,

also welcome to write the experience in third party media release!

two: please register your address as soon as possible, and check the name, contact the phone is accurate to avoid delays due to information error!

registration process: login Unicorn — personal data – modify personal information – fill in the correspondence address – modify submit

three: Kirin all prizes issued by Taobao, Jingdong and other mall. Prizes generated by the courier costs borne by the Kirin, winning members do not need to pay any fees!

four: Kirin declined all illegal sites during the event will be strictly checked. Once found, the abolition of participation in the activities of qualifications!

awards set:

first prize: 5 (rank 1-5)

In line 3888 of the

value of the original IPAD 2 generation 16G, WiFi, black and white 2 colors optional; famous entertainment, Internet, game artifact


two award: (ranked 6-15)

the following prizes please choose 2 1:

1, value 10>

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