Gold station SkyDrive money standing to go downhill

has a number of foreign money SkyDrive station by the wall, is unexpected for us. Why do these SkyDrive station will be closed? We do not say first, do not strike strike unspoken rule a word, from the content analysis. In many overseas Chinese communities, we can see a large number of illegal films using these SkyDrive to upload pornography, violence. Why do these resources can pass the examination, and not be deleted? This is where the SkyDrive station of the lack of money. Most sites have banned such illegal information upload, but has not done enough in the audit, and sometimes by changing the name of the file, change the format and other simple means can be audited.

for SkyDrive stood by the wall, will inevitably impact on a part of the group, it may do foreign IP make friends is indifferent. However, for the pure income promotion SkyDrive make friends, is equal to the broken income. Registration can still be registered, but a lot of new friends through the recommendation of the registration link may be given up because of the wall and continue to explore. Compared to the past has not been the wall, the efficiency of the referral is a straight line. It will also hit the promotion make friends have enthusiasm, thus affecting the overall development of SkyDrive to make money. Recommended fewer people, the impact of natural groups on the narrow.

but this could explain the profit of SkyDrive station going downhill? No! As long as you can meet the membership and SkyDrive money station both benefit demand, SkyDrive money will be lasting development station. In foreign countries can not do the domestic IP, there will be some new disk stand out. Because I make money through a SkyDrive station learned that, although the domestic IP conversion rate is low, but after deducting expenses, the middle is still a very large profit space, there are still a lot of webmaster is aimed at this one, try to look at the.

future SkyDrive money station, in the domestic IP, domestic SkyDrive money station will dominate. In the past, domestic SkyDrive money station was given the low price, mostly because of the testing phase, not the profit space, and the means of profit, and foreign money SkyDrive station still have a big gap. Recently, a number of foreign SkyDrive was blocked, giving yunfile a lot of space, the rise of looking forward to yunfile.

at the same time, also appealed to the hobby of SkyDrive make money make friends, hold the bottom line, this is not only to protect the disk resources, but also to more lasting benefits.

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