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What do

station? This is a lot to do the confusion problem!! since the emergence of GG, many webmaster pull the front to go abroad, but to understand English or don’t know. English webmaster, do a English station is more difficult. English stand more intense competition than the Chinese station, because advertisers are fierce competition so the publisher’s competition is also very powerful. Any type of site has hundreds of thousands of competitors, it is difficult to do a good job and do a stand.

whether it is to do Chinese station or English station, the biggest problem facing the webmaster is content, and relative importance of news and other information content copyright, if a copy or acquisition way to get content very easily to complain, this will be the advertising and search engine punishment. Then the flow, although many webmaster optimization Chinese station more powerful, but in using search engines for English site traffic and found inadequate, search engine optimization, the gap is not small in different languages.

I said here is not to say that some difficulties, do not stand in english. Do English stand is very important ideas, ideas are correct, from the success of the nearest. Here are a few simple points to note:

, the first object must be clear, you do Chinese station can do entertainment do walking, you can get a good flow, your object is the vast number of friends lady-killer. Of course, do stand in English can also be the first to clear the site of benefit groups.

second, English stations do not have to flow. Of course, the greater the flow, the better, but not to say that there is no flow of money earned, in this regard, I feel that the foreign environment is better than the domestic. You grab a handful of rice, put, do the chain, raising over time, there are PR, sell the connection, each station every month can also have so ten knife, standing a good income, and do not go to a large collection, do not occupy a lot of space. Or buy your own website!

third, as well as the theme of the site. (and almost do not see the Chinese station) health, education, loan GG English keywords after the price is high, like a swarm of bees up, how can you do some traffic? China specialty, such as fans, lanterns, or else your hometown specialty. Of course, the reason behind except eat, tea is also mentioned, also don’t do it, TEA is a lot of soso. Do you have to do an English station. The website is made in the form of a mall or introduction, and then to your own EBAY store to sell. Income is far more than you GG the couple to eat? Sent to the foreign

sour!Finally, the most important thing is to adhere to

, there is a station to learn to enjoy loneliness!

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