Reduced integration difficulty attracting channel partners

And most of the pure ISV, like how to sell software was once the most troublesome problem in Beijing tornado company. Because sales can be said to be a weakness of this kind of company. But now, the tornado company in the software products how to sell on the issue made some experience. Even, there are other ISV come from.

since its core value is the technology and product advantages, so weak sales Never mind can not go directly to do, end user. Based on this idea, the tornado focus back from the terminal user is transferred, in close cooperation with channel partners, the formation of industry division of labor service and value system, establish and improve the system of channels.

in such a division of labor cooperation business model, tornadoes can rely on partners to complete large channels, strong industry background advantages and mature ability to provide solutions, and partners can rely on easy integration of professional tornado retrieval technology.

ISV partners (soft, Neusoft);

OEM vendors (founder, Thunis, etc.).To reduce the difficulty of integrating

has advanced technology products whether it can attract a partner? Tornado is the company’s experience, but also to find ways to reduce the complexity of the integration of partners. If not outstanding, why people will be there

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