The reasons for the failure of individual owners

search engine with big update several times, many individual owners have choice in their own life on a label affixed venture "failure", and even boasted of individual stationmaster entrepreneurship has not succeed. In this regard, small modest can only remain silent, but feel that the face of so many webmaster friends, I do not talk about the reasons for the failure of individual owners of entrepreneurship is a bit sorry for everyone. So I’m going to talk about the cause of the failure of individual owners and entrepreneurs, I hope you can learn from the success of the enterprise through continuous efforts.

, blindly follow the trend of

Internet update speed is very fast, if the individual owners only know blindly follow the trend, the chances of success is very small. Take the catalogue, site navigation, and some novel website QQ website has the website if not the disaster caused by flooding water, many people blindly follow the trend, their value is at least several times, those who follow the webmaster, apparently useless to reap some of the benefits that a gradually declining industry. So blindly follow the trend for both the industry as a whole is not a sensible choice for entrepreneurs. But many of my friends will ask me, if someone’s success is no reference? Well, for those of us entrepreneurs, is the successful case study has certain, but if we do not "take the essence and discard the dregs", we can replicate the success of others I? If you are not a rich handsome, have certain resources, this dream may only want to every day in my dreams. The so-called essence, small Qian want to say here is that the essence is in the current can withstand the test of the market, can really bring convenience for the user experience, so people in the business when not to blindly follow the trend, the appropriate reference and some innovation is our success in the case of the real.

two, fever

is part of the failure of individual stationmaster is because of their entrepreneurial mind are just the heat of the moment, there is no good planning how the development of the website, how to occupy a certain share in the market. Many of them feel that this site should be welcomed by many users, should be able to get up, immediately start the business. In fact, as a personal webmaster, we must first seek in the industry before the start, that is to say we have to analysis the industry website should do, only have a preliminary plan, we can keep the development direction of basic in action, will affect a small change to do so we can minimize the entrepreneurial focus, the chances of success will be greater. So the individual owners in the choice of entrepreneurship as far as possible not to get a fever immediately open, it is best to first analyze the user, the market and other factors and then action.



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