To the entrepreneurs of this era, how bragging will not break

out of curiosity of new things, love and passion for all the new App inside the coupon, I booked a beaver family Manicure. After I tried in my bestie group to share the experience: 1, App design is done well, from an order to payment are very smooth; 2, Manicure division is dedicated, bring their own shoes, do not drink water without toilets; 3, the majority of child mother, occupation women no longer entangled no time to Manicure shop. Then one will speak on defeating bestie: you are not always the most objectionable flicker, but the beaver home God carved do ah, you all right?

that’s a good question. Only the people who really know me. Then, for the past two months is the beaver family shuabing. The founder of a mobile project, within two months to write the three "soft Wen", but also continue to be free to spread, it is rare. August 29th, "the God of the Lord’s internal mail exposure: Third," in October 17th, "O2O’s winning hand", in October 23rd, "how to quickly detonate a new brand," read the people are greatly lamented, this person really can flicker.

is the most important, he has to do the nails, such a small thing, exaggeration to: Beaver, is a project to change the world, just Manicure an entrance, there will be more "craft project" will slowly expand, "tear down" more stores, from dozens of the industry more and more craftsmen, make it become the freedom of occupation. According to the usual, I will sniff at, do you think you are ma, Zuckerberg.

bragging about entrepreneurs in the end is good or bad, we did not stop the discussion. Generally speaking, media and critics, even some well-known VC love story of geeks, mad, do not understand technology and traditional code of conduct is not talkative, but because the technology level is particularly strong, write code like art, but also a good thing to throw the helve after the hatchet. So he succeeded. This is the reality? No, it is only the Internet entrepreneurs who imagine.

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? The reality is, don’t give the entrepreneur portrait, this world is all sorts of strange things, people can boast the thing finally made to many people, not for example. From the point of view of appreciation, of course, we all like to be handsome and not talkative, but from the company’s point of view,

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at the beginning of twentieth Century, people are keen on the aircraft, is now keen on the Internet, everyone eager. Probably never heard of Samuel · Langley, he was considered the most important is the foundation of success, the defense department gave him a huge $50 thousand development aircraft, the money is not a problem, he has been working at the Harvard University, has the most extensive network, he hired the best person to have money. "New York Times" the tracking reports to him, almost everyone in his support. But he was not the man who invented the craft.

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