Female entrepreneurs experience entrepreneurship is a marathon to persevere

Beijing on July 23rd news, on the road of entrepreneurship, some experience can not explain in words, only through their own experience to understand personal sorrow and joy. He founded the StreetArtSF.com Messenger Squzwk and co founded, and a designer, blog, technology lovers, women entrepreneurs Chloë Bregman, the network share 12 of their entrepreneurial experience, in this way encourage friends to enjoy the process of entrepreneurship, and the courage to persevere.

1 stop dreaming and practice as soon as possible

no one cares how much you love your own ideas. In Silicon Valley, anyone with a venture capital or a network of contacts probably knows 10 people and you have the same idea, and some of them have already begun to implement it. Chat with others, let others give you advice, and further optimization. The most important thing is to do. Henry – Ford (Henry Ford) once said: no practice of dreams, is tantamount to fantasy."

2 clearly defines each role

make sure that each of the founders of the team has the ability to work well in different fields. If you are in the same field, then the team’s weaknesses will become very obvious. You have to find someone who wants to do your job and you can trust.

3 aggressive

I have seen a lot of friends have very interesting ideas, but because of the bottleneck and stay in place. Results after a while, other new ventures made similar products and successful investment. I think the reason for this result is not that their products are better, but that they are more active.

4 as soon as the introduction of product

perfectionism can kill people, and indecision can make you miss valuable information about markets and products. Quickly launch products, and then slowly adjust.

5 problem solving


starts a business, the core skill is to discover problems and solve them quickly. To effectively solve the problems you encounter, it is best to be honest and open to criticism.

6 be honest with yourself

if you want to succeed, you must clearly understand their strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths and weaknesses may develop in the right direction, or in the opposite direction. If you know yourself better, you’ll get closer to success.

7 has vision

don’t be a follower, go out of your way. It’s not that you don’t learn from other people, but you have to know where you’re going.

8 seek advice

you can’t understand everything, so ask to teach your friends, contacts and your respected predecessors. There is always in the world

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