On the low-end software industry to crack down

did a year of mass software sales website, through low-cost sales of some cracked mass software to earn a lot, there is demand for the stationmaster is very much, today the golden Wangzhuan talking about cheap, mass software in the future.

first: true and effective, simple operation.

this kind of software development at the beginning, the effect is very good, you can overnight, let website owners themselves website publicity to the hundreds of millions of websites, and within numerous emails, although for SEO optimization is not very good, but many webmaster or just short-term benefits by its deep temptation.

and the development of software operation is simple, almost all of them are one of the key mode.

second: the price is cheap, but the upgrade of high frequency, Many a little make a mickle. costly.

software is rarely more than 100 yuan, because the basic is targeted new station, this group did not pay much, so the investment is very cautious, more than 100 yuan of products they almost never go to consider, led to mass software, low prices, so everything is hard in the beginning, the price was not open to a good start following the development of the market, it is getting worse and worse.

group of software upgrade frequency is very high, because the mass website will continue to implement some measures against mass, mass software timing, basically used to introduce mass mailing, and so on, is the upgrading of every two or three days a month, when the most updated 4~6 times, each update will force the webmaster the purchase, if the purchase price at 50 yuan per case, a month investment in this area will be more than 200 yuan, which for each month the new station, with a little pressure.

in this situation, a lot of bulk station launched VIP software crack system, pay a small fee to become VIP can be obtained after the software update, a profitable strategy this is considered from the low-end market, of course, is like the golden Wangzhuan site less than complimentary mass software, while sending software updates very fast, so the low-end market mainly rely on the VIP package Shilai profit charges.

notes predict, in a few years later, mass cracking software slowly decline, the reason is a few points:

first: Sellers malicious competition, low-cost software, resulting in software flooding

Once the

software was released after a lot of research and development, will soon break master hand, fast break out and then changed hands, and the price is only for sale, the original sale price of 10 of the price you can imagine, by a large number of looting demand immediately, these needs, there are a lot of people buy direct registration machine, and the sale price to break below the master.

after the above three groups after handling, mass software price from a few hundred dollars down to 50 yuan.

second: software flood

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