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Since the

team has done for every project and every activity, the computer will store the same N document with a different name, work contents, document resource is very fragmented, has seriously affected the work efficiency.

shared documents before using Dropbox, the result is the wall. With the impression notes, the results of an account can only share a team notes, and each time you want to type in the above. Arrangements for the planned task, has not been a good solution, there is no way to gather together.

in the back of the General Assembly met a friend, do is a collaborative office platform, called Worktile:, domestic, but also get the venture capital. At that time did not think anything, there is an impression of the notes is enough, behind the chat with the members of the team when it comes to the formation of this matter, only to find it strong.

Ozawa later introduced this tool is currently used for nearly a month, I and my little partner feel good, this tool is suitable for me to use such a team. So take out to share, if you have your own team can experience.

this is the Worktile interface:



page is divided into three columns, the left navigation, middle is the latest list, the right is the task of statistics, and to remind the task today. It would be better if the interface was added to select a template style.

first talk about the establishment of team projects, and team project management.

click on the top right corner of the new, select the new team:


input team name and Description:


Click to create, you can see the left side of the team you created:


click on the test team, you can invite members (of course, members must register a good account)


invites members to enter the member’s registered mailbox, you can also set member permissions


settings, click on the following submission, you can invite your team members come in


click on the right side of the project, you can create a project for the team


project name



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