Fresh start 6 months of failure reflection selling semi-finished vegetables do not work

introduction: I do not know whether we often watch CCTV, a recent special fire, named the young monarch dish, monopoly semi clean vegetables, users online booking, online delivery. However, now one field of entrepreneurs, small Nongnv, made the last 6 months of failure, he concluded that this model is obvious.



recently dish Jun things CCTV, cattle! From the beginning of September on the Internet to do frequently dish Jun PR manuscript began, I have friends come to us to chat.

"this small Nongnv with you to do the same thing?"

"buddy, I am also very interested in this model, I would like to start in the * * City, can exchange experience?"

"people around you think this pattern is good! Why did you stop?"

small Nongnv team from the end of last year to suspend the online business after a long silence, now began a new fresh business, just take this hot, now again with our friends talk about this account in the past experience and our view of the monarch dish here.

the starting point of small peasant women

13 years in April, a few good friends to come to Shenzhen to chat, talk to a few dishes every day to buy food on behalf of white-collar workers to provide services, to help them solve the trouble to buy food, want to find a rough, reliable! Colleagues asked, great


then immediately find a few are currently working in Shenzhen junior school about this project, for basic research, 4~5 month, on-line in early June, July two in the Tencent’s brother quit out of full-time.

in mid June to 7 we provide simple raw materials to buy food, 7 months later we started using the semi-finished products, the core reason is not on the selling price of raw materials, and then processed into semi-finished products prices can be better.

has been done in October, nearly 100 orders to do a single peak, there is no scheduled earnings, did not go to the point of expansion, in the beginning of October we began to suspect the original decision, until the end of the year in December.

Why can’t

do it?

business model on the obvious shortcomings, the demand is to a certain extent pseudo demand, the target customer’s low price, the purchase of low frequency, high distribution costs, replication difficult, no scale effect. The following in detail:

first said the needs and target population

we target the crowd in those very busy, want to cook their own food and no time to buy food city white-collar workers.

This group of

target group selection, because we were praised, namely research when we all feel that this service was very good, but actually, these people will most of the final choice is too lazy to do.

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