West master from the 100 days of sales 200 thousand hamburger to fall apart is the experience with

the Internet is a big stage, August was the industry people pass the miraculous "West master hamburger", "West master Internet thinking, suddenly" fall apart ". This in the end carrying the Internet what thinking? What spirit?

West master hamburger: Internet thinking entrepreneurial magic case on behalf of

Internet or traditional marketing means or "brand", "famous", "benchmarking" and create products always with a sudden momentum topped. "The Internet thinking" is more old soup fried new IT, on the market, users, and even to the entire business ecosystem with the Internet, big data and cloud computing technology to re-examine, early online business flourished and formed a marketing department, sales department and so on differentiation management system on the market, and the data collection, user feedback, the operation is more advanced variety, the age of the Internet, in addition to a more convenient data collection tools, many "skills" has never been a qualitative change.

West master hamburger, rather than through the Internet thinking of the fashion trend in the IT community live a.

constantly improve the details, allowing users to get the best service in the shortest possible time, not the Internet exclusive, but has become the core of the Internet thinking.

West master opened six months ago, had traveled to Shaanxi city remote, with there is the optimization and integration of good taste of hamburger, West man began to organize friends and professionals to eat, and then one to refine and improve the hamburger taste, finally, with less man said, hamburger ingredients through multi-level experiments. Even the oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and so on are the ingredients of their ingredients formula.

West Master said the user experience is very important, send chewing gum, to line up the number of users that today hamburger may not be possible for you, so don’t waste time on the line, repeatedly come to still buy hamburger to direct users to send free…… The success of a business is really not so simple thinking so, unless you put all the details need to pay attention to the optimization of this thinking.

After all the chips

to "fall apart"

said, when the West master company established by the congregation raised pattern (another tall on the Internet Language), before and after several founders together 850 thousand, etc. after 100 days to sell 200 thousand hamburger, some 100 days sold many million hamburger, chips are a bit dividends have not seen, and then began to leave the West master company founder.

West master with "Internet thinking" Huobian Internet entrepreneurs circle, few people know less man how, in addition to those local still eating hamburger people, in any case, the fire in the past, the second wave of entrepreneurship comes, what open shop or a hamburger circle record the contents of reports never happened, "

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