Taobao guest website – beauty guide network analysis

Taobao passenger website is now more and more fire, Taobao customer profit model so many new friends for the heart. The heart is a generous commission, as the pond and the netting! Today siege studio will be to beauty shopping network ( hereinafter referred to as the us to analyze some problems needing attention in the construction of Taobao customers in.

beauty shopping network is divided into seven parts: first, slimming, beauty, freckle, acne, breast enhancement, fashion magazine. The weight loss, beauty, freckle, acne, breast enhancement using the same template. Designed to provide the majority of users with relevant beauty advice, knowledge, etc., at the same time appropriate, appropriate to introduce inexpensive beauty products to visitors to help them save shopping time.

first used on the structure in the layout of the page, above the Ali Mama advertising, of course, advertising the show is a fine living, in show advertising should also consider visitors user experience, here are some special advisory posts, do good for visitors to provide: 1 this paper, consulting. 2 conducive to search engine optimization.

in the art website, the main colors with green to grayish green, because it is the female station, give people a fresh feeling, especially in the hot summer, and elegant gray can make the entire page "quiet" outstanding green, green played a role of eyeball.

at SEO, the home page Taobao keyword positioning best to lose weight, acne freckle, breast beauty products beauty shopping network, because it is the home page, so these words must be put to, and then each channel page Keywords: slimming, beauty, freckle, acne, breast main push each channel, because the channel page here. Is in fact a special page, a high correlation to the entire page, so the page on the main channel of weight loss, beauty, freckle, acne, breast products. In the article will be displayed in detail on the 8 pages of the same channel, so that the internal connection of the web site to form a spider web, increase the link. On the page is to do a good anti chain. The article at the bottom of the page visitors comments can reduce page similarity.

website profit model: the main push Ali mother provides advertising, advertising on the upper right side of each channel, pages detail page is shown at the bottom of the article, at the same time show page Google ads, or that sentence, advertising added must consider the user experience, including the correlation and appearance of all aspects of the page we must consider. In general, the site’s profit point is advertising.

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