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Xu Zhiming (Sina pictures)

financial weekly reporter Huang Jian / text

The so-called "

but not fast breaking, Xu Zhiming hopes to rely on a" fast "trick, for a city in the fierce competition in the field of electronic business.

I am different from other electricity providers is faster than them." Xu Zhiming smiled, his last words a loud, simply.

44 year old Xu Zhiming is of medium height, slightly plump, wearing a dark t-shirt, sitting in a cafe in Beijing near Sanyuanqiao, to talk about his new company.

this is his second venture, he hopes to challenge. His company is called "fast bag", but it is not only to sell books, but an online store. His trick is "fast", one hour delivery.

Xu Zhiming is an optimist, and the financial weekly newspaper reporter when chatting, often laugh. Although he is still at a loss, he still believes there is a blue ocean".

online 7-11

where to go where people set up, 7-11 sell what we sell what."

Xu Zhiming every day the first thing is to brush micro-blog around all kinds of fast bag topic.

2010, Xu Zhiming 42 years old, decided to start a business for the second time. Previously, he was the owner of a chain advertising bookstore, hundreds of thousands of dollars a year profit. Xu Zhiming thought it was just a small workshop, the ceiling is low, do not". He wants to be a capital, unlimited expansion of the project.

in January of that year, Xu Zhiming decided to open an online bookstore". It was a time when he was bored".

earlier, Xu Zhiming travel to Hangzhou, in the hotel in the evening to read the book, carry bored, wondering is there a "one hour online bookstore, a telephone book sent immediately.

Xu Zhiming said that this is the idea of a fast bag. A pass soon turned to make blind and disorderly conjectures of serious thought ". He decided to sell books in an hour". However, he soon discovered that merely selling books is a dead end". In discussions with his wife Gao Zhihong many times, and even to Dangdang CEO after consulting, Xu Zhiming finally decided to open an online convenience store in.

Xu Zhiming told reporters that the financial weekly, to open a convenience store online is a piece of virgin land open Jingdong and other large electricity supplier website does not look on. He wants to move to the 7-11 convenience store online, when the convenience store has not yet wired format.

June 7, 2010, Xu Zhiming officially launched the fast bag, start-up capital of 3 million, raised 1 million, 2 million yuan is his classmate cast. The office of the young white-collar workers, 10 yuan more than the amount of consumption, is the main customer > fast bag

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