How to make money on the beginner through Amoy

is down, the guest nearly a year, invested a lot of time and energy, although the performance will have income, but are their own hard-earned, are their own strong execution driven to do. Today with the beginner friends to talk about my own a little experience and want to enter the industry of Amoy friends a little suggestion.

, a guest should have an objective understanding of the industry

now the Tao is very competitive, but in such a fierce competition, there are those at the monthly income of a few W or hundreds of thousands of expert, I believe that many guest are novice, see the example, envy was reached Amoy army. See the heart of revenue in the income list, but at the same time, we should realize that behind these income of some powerful cyber source, have rich experience, strong execution, insistence and hard innovation. Which is essential. So we especially novice, not ambitious, do stand a few months too little or no income, feel this way no way out, then this is a must, very objective, so we must start small, solid. I think in order to make an objective analysis of Taobao customers, to understand this kind of website first, must be clear they are in what stage, so we know what time should insist on, what time should change. This is the only way in the field of guest Wangzhuan landed a their own pot of gold.

two, clear positioning is very important

with the understanding of the customer, but also have a clear positioning, so long as you can determine the direction of future promotion, but also to avoid blindly follow the trend of the phenomenon. See others do lose weight, breast enhancement, crown stores, like rankings, you have to follow suit, people get API station, you have to follow, so blind station time-consuming do not say, it is never a way out, is not likely to make money. There are a lot of online skills to wait until we all know that there is no value and gold, like chasing the same as the popular, never catch up. So while we are studying, we must be good at innovation. To have their own understanding of the guest website, more to have their own unique ideas and methods. Clear positioning is very important, the key word is not too big, want to think from the conversion rate, this is the most useful thing for novice.

three, executive power and endurance is fundamental

execution and endurance is very important, the site to be able to endure loneliness, but also have a strong executive power. We know that a station to have a higher weight, we must have a higher quality of the content, the quality of the chain. And how to do these two, that we will, but we can have how many people can insist on doing the chain, not to mention the original article. So the plan to have a little difference, otherwise everything will remain in the stage of obscenity. I think good positioning and methods are not strong execution or empty talk.

four, willing to invest in order to ensure the effect of

as far as I know, a lot of new people are reluctant to invest, even

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