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a few months ago I asked friends: for Wangzhuan alliance marketing, they most want to know what. After screening, I singled out 15 questions. Then find three friends, let them answer these 15 questions about Wangzhuan alliance.

they are a great reputation of experts. ShawnCollins from the beginning of 90s last century to do affiliate marketing, has now been highly respected in the industry. JonathanVolk is Surge Marketing CEO, which is an annual sales of millions of dollars in affiliate marketing company. Do Wangzhuan ZacJohnson started from the age of 15, is already one of the most successful Wangzhuan union members.


if you want to understand the network marketing and joint Wangzhuan more information, they can subscribe to the blog.

is the fifteen of them following Wangzhuan answer.

How to start a joint network marketing their

1, beginner


Shawn: this video will tell you how to build a new alliance site step by step.

Jonathan: first of all, I will join the relevant network community and subscribe to related blog. Only after you have to first understand the beginning. In addition, there will be many blog Wangzhuan tutorial, read this tutorial can help you understand some basic common sense.

Zac: for newcomers, the best operation mechanism from the understanding of CPC/CPA, social media marketing and other forms of Wangzhuan beginning. You can spend money to buy a variety of e-books and teaching programs to learn, of course, other ways can also be. For example, you can search through Google to find a lot of free tutorials. As long as the search, there are still a lot of free resources can be used.

2, I need to pass the PPC pay promotion way to do joint network marketing


Shawn: there are many methods of joint network marketing to make money. If the money can be invested, but also willing to spend a lot of time to test the effect of promotion, then PPC will soon see the effect of making money. But if you’re willing to invest your time, you can create a theme that fits your interests. Low cost, and can continue to make money.

Jonathan: yes. There will always be at least one minimum investment demand. At least one website and domain name. Although PPC can help you make money faster, but you can also do not spend money to buy traffic. I suggest that the novice can purchase the first batch of traffic through PPC, but be sure to set a daily budget. For example, each time the Lead brings income of $20, then you can set a daily budget of $20 to see if you can achieve a transformation.

Zac: the facts in front, do Wangzhuan is sure to pay. But if you want to make money faster or make more money, the necessary information

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