Little brother using ebook marketing do Amoy achieve monthly income of million

Since the launch of

Ali mother Tao, there are a large number of webmaster friends to join Amoy family, especially in the current financial crisis and the employment pressure, occupation guest team is growing up. Part of innovation, the executive power of the Amoy income is high, the monthly income of thousands, or even tens of thousands of people, do not envy other people’s income, and not suitable for anyone to do the hard work, only they know, because most of the Tao guest did not grasp the clever door, poor execution, lack of innovation ability. Little income, monthly income of hundreds, or even dozens of There are plenty of people who are. The little black brother through analysis and observation, the high income of the Tao, basically use two methods:

the first is soft Wen:


1 Selection of goods: Taobao home page to select the promotion of goods.

2 write soft: write the product of soft Wen, and promote the link into the article.

3 do promotion: through the forum, QQ group, blog to release the soft..

4 Commission: Internet users through your soft Wen guide, into the Taobao store to buy goods and confirm payment, you can get the Commission to pay the seller.

second is SEO:


1 Selection of goods: Taobao guest home to choose a promotion merchandise.

2 website: according to your selected goods, targeted to set up the site, into the commodity promotion link.

3 do optimization: to optimize the relevant keywords, in order to get good rankings.

4 Commission: search engine users through the engine into your site, through your site to guide, into the Taobao store to buy goods and confirm payment, the same can get the Commission to pay the seller.


above is black brother simple summary, if your writing is not good, SEO technology does not pass, want to do guest relatively difficult. If you are not more than two specific ability, also want to join a guest is there a better way? Today to tell you a little black brother low technical requirements, good effect, the e-book marketing strategy amoy. If you can use this method to achieve the ultimate, believe you can achieve a monthly income of million.

First of all, we come to understand what is

e-book marketing, which refers to the production of goods in line with the needs of consumers into e-books, with the form of knowledge dissemination directly accurate coverage of the target customers.

. What are the advantages of e-book marketing do guest


1 easy to promote

e-book content is due to knowledge, to help users, users love to see, so in the promotion of forum, not only will not be deleted, but also as the essence, not soft, slightly strict administrator directly encountered when advertising, can delete posts, or directly ID >

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