Provide domestic services startups get $50 million financing


currently has a lot of domestic companies to provide domestic services, but really can be a household name of such companies are few. In the United States, there is a home service company to do a real household name, it is Today, just got a huge $50 million financing. Previously, has received $61 million in financing, so far, the company’s total financing has reached $111 million.

Care aims to connect the nanny service provider with the family that needs a nanny, and provide them with a platform for communication. Nannies and employers can share nursing experience and advice on At present, Care’s service is similar to other domestic service companies, including child care, special needs care, care for the elderly, care for pets, home care and Housing cleaning, etc.. At present, the number of users about 7 million, around the world, 15 countries and regions.

as a result of such services are generally completed at the employer’s home, in addition to ensuring the quality of services, but also need to consider the safety of employers. Therefore, Care will conduct a background investigation of the nanny, and will be handed over to the relevant information by the professional team of mothers to review.

recently, also accelerated the pace of international expansion of the business. Earlier this year, extended its service to the UK and canada. In addition, it also acquired a similar service in Berlin to provide start-up companies Basser Betreut.

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