The two time entrepreneur Gong Haiyan readme how the female entrepreneurs make worth billions of dol

women’s day in March 8th, I dark horse specially invited female entrepreneurs model Gong Haiyan, tell us about her entrepreneurial story.

Gong Haiyan was born in 1976, was born in Hunan County of Taoyuan Province town frame a poor farmer, was feisty. From the second day, every summer she sells popsicles to earn tuition.

Gong Haiyan first venture, as a listed company Jiayuan, exit after the listing of the company, a well-known industry does not choose to start again, now runs a company called "91 foreign" online education company, also owns a company called ladder network education website.

holds a listed company Jiayuan 19% shares of Gong Haiyan have already achieved financial freedom, and she said: "the company spent 4 million 800 thousand per month, family expenses of approximately 30 thousand, 500 pieces of my own".

following is her oral:


two venture, a new feeling

is now doing Internet burn

is currently the biggest problem, it should be in the recruitment, we have dedicated HR team now, but as an important job to check myself, my mind half on the recruitment, before is the energy of 80%, a team of 180 people to build such a short time, so fast. Expansion of the eyes in the morning to 180 people to think of wages, and we also signed more than and 600 part-time staff, a lot of pressure.

But the Internet does

have to undergo such a stage, improve the early products, including user development, construction of teaching resources, these four needs huge investment, we want to make a platform for the products, the demand for funds greater.

and the original business compared to it, the cost is higher, Jiayuan didn’t spend much money, about five or six million dollars have been spent to get listed, the money is not spent. It was ten years ago, in all aspects of the form is not the same, then Baidu advertising, a click may be more than $10 Fen, and now may need a few dollars a point.

so the company is naturally very save, I travel yesterday, my assistant said to go with me, can you give me a bag, I firmly opposed, there is no one to my bag is not very different, but the company to buy a ticket, not worth it. Especially when many people, must be frugal, when I travel are staying for seven days, as the hotel chain, will not have what say these people under business, but I think the flowers would have to spend, now light headhunting fees spent nearly 1 million, wages or to do as much as possible I, improve the attractiveness, most opposed to the unnecessary waste.

currently 180 people to spend a month of the company, our family rented a house in the vicinity of the company, the family spending about $30 thousand a month, if it is my own

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