Analysis on the network five mainstream Wangzhuan mode

Oh, for a long time did not write the article. Not because I do not want to write, but because it is not written. Well written, the novice is not the top, write curse, write garbage, but the novice is quite supportive.

now seems to be friends, all from the heart think Wangzhuan is a lie. But to tell the truth, they want to make this seems to be very easy income. In fact, Wangzhuan didn’t what, as long as we persist, who have problems.

is now too much Wangzhuan tutorial too much garbage, they really do not want to mislead the novice, so I think we can write some currently profitable projects.

1: website advertising to make money

this is the most basic way to make money, but also the site’s most common source of income. The most important thing to do is to choose the direction of the station. Need to select small competition site, don’t think that the door station does not make money. In fact, the most profitable project is the most popular but those. Avoid by all means do not follow the trend to do QQ station, do non mainstream site, this kind of site not tens of thousands. Competition is fierce, and at the same time, the price is very low, the income will not be too high.

fierce competition, and do not make money, do what he does, a waste of time.

two: know how to trade online

, such as A5 is the most famous and most practical site trading sites, 58 Adsense advertising network, it is often traded on the domain name. Generally in the A5 transaction, one day if luck is good, there are one or two transactions, enough for you to earn a sum of. Such as buying a cheap site, then little publicity, work on the one or two day, the flow expand it, then changed hands, you can easily earn thousands of dollars, but no experience to friends or slowly, don’t dream directly to make the number of days, because this transaction, for nature is common.

three: Taobao shop to make money

this is a good way to make money for a long time, the first to buy a commodity at a low price, and then sell at a high price. Because some members do not know the inside of the doorway, as long as the publicity properly, still can make some of the. If you have a source, it is a better way. At present, sell things online, virtual items, such as QQ game currency, mobile phone recharge cards close, it is very good to make money. Do not sell some of the monotony of small accessories, if there is a good idea, if not creative, then no one is willing to spend more than 10 yuan to buy your stuff.

four: SEO make money

58 ad task network naturally I have the strength, but a lot of friends by this money, the monthly income of over 10000 is a small role. There are many rely on a single to make money, of course, have their own. But if you do it, even if not on SEO money, as a webmaster, trying to understand some of the SEO, because it is necessary to do the station.

five: copy the project to make money

how to say that, it can be said that the creation of the Internet from China to

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