Rookie station invested 25 yuan to earn $1800 failed experience

first said I was a real rookie, 04 has just entered the university to know when the world has a network called the Internet, was madly in love with her at first, is to get a profile on IK8, until the end of 07 there is a truly belongs to our own website, my domain name ( is used to free the Russian RU domain name, a few years ago on the Internet speculation is the fire free domain name, now can still apply. I have been using it for free, feeling good, poor students, like free stuff. This site only construction funds is to buy space, I bought the 50M pocket space, scanty enough? But 25 yuan / year is cheap enough! So I use the cost of 25 yuan and built their nest, only a domain independent blog, every day I carefully packed look, as if she is my child, is a part of my life……

two months after my site’s PR is already the 3, but then did not care about this thing, the site is only their own interest, but also do not want to make money ideas. An accidental opportunity, the group has people yelling to buy links, I wonder when things are not you link the link I link you, how there are people willing to spend money to buy ah? So he asked what I found, I began to sell links and experience. Is a get out of hand, looking at the Alipay in more money and more money, the feeling is so simple, just write a blog or simply reprint an article. Not long after my site has twenty or thirty chain, these paid links every month will bring me 300—400 income to a student of me these extra pocket money is good, so many students are envious of me and let me teach him, I laughed.

this income has lasted five or six months, but perhaps it is because of good times don’t last long graduate looking for work, and give up the website update, maybe because I was too greedy, bad things happen on the day of October 20th, the station I was punished by the Google! PR zero included half! Even though I had expected that so one day, but he still comes let me be taken by surprise. Since then I have to give up links to the sale of business, of course, I failed, but I do not regret it, after all, I use 25 yuan to earn 1800 yuan, it is more important that I gained more experience in the process of establishment of the station! Here you webmaster rookie advice to have a degree, don’t overdo it. The money is good, long-term stability. I am very pleased to welcome you to exchange experience with my colleagues, thank you.

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