Webmaster share Earn 800 thousand a year make friends website experience

Internet community muffled money expert are countless, 800 thousand may only be a few days’ income for them, but for the majority of grassroots webmaster, 800 thousand years into the still relatively attractive. Here’s how I earn 800 thousand of dating sites.

January 2, 2010 revenue screenshot

law can not be banned, this is the status quo in china. What I do is to be classified as vulgar, but the law does not prohibit, valentine. Because of alleged "vulgar", I have been afraid to tell me what to do in the relatives and friends, but they do not understand the Internet, fool the past.


website is launched in 2009 September, before that I have done two years of personal webmaster, during did more than 100 sites, almost all tried, all kinds of advertising alliance have also tried, mostly white do not earn money, but have a lot of inexpressible experience (for information station, these experiences is still very useful, I will write an article to introduce), then to use these experiences to a health information website, by putting Google Adsense barely. Dating site on the second day of the line on the profit, it is precisely that someone on the site consumption. Before the site on the line, I was expected to profit in a short time, but did not expect so soon realized.

why did I know that I would make a profit on the website before I had to say something about my experience in the winter of 2007?. 2007 advertising companies fail, owed a large debt, desperation of Baidu in the collection of some part-time girl QQ and photos, make a picture of a single page selling girl contact, and mad advertising in the chat room, Tianya, ganji.com. For security, I dare not leave a single page QQ number, only a TQ customer service system. Do more than a month, there are two results: one is income of more than 3 thousand dollars, the two is that I am a master in written communication, to consult the people, I almost let them pay the money, the conversion rate of at least 90% or more, some people pay found some contact information is not accurate, but also to find me, I actually let them get up a level of peace, away. After two months, I have enough money to eat, quickly stopped, that is dangerous, two feel too wicked. However, the industry’s market has been self-evident. So in 2009, when I decided to be a dating website, I was expecting to make a profit.


decides to do my lover on dating sites, dating industry thorough analysis, if dating, but certainly do not appeal Jiayuan, do regular friends, can not find, let users recharge consumption temptation, continue to do that in 2007 half half. The nature of deception, and unethical and illegal. Absolutely not to. Finally decided to make friends. Lover, a very ambiguous social relations, the reality of the men and women looking for more and more lovers, the most critical

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