Hang a small song, easily earn one hundred yuan (flying advertising alliance) music website monthly

Hang a song, easy to earn one hundred yuan (flying advertising alliance)

if you have music website

if in your home to hang our designated songs

can according to your website scale,

every song for you to pay the cost of 50-500 yuan

music website contains pure music website. Cover website. Music Forum.

music website ranked thirty thousand. Requirements

ranked thirty thousand in a song 50 yuan a month.

ranked twenty thousand in a song 100 yuan a month.

ranked ten thousand in a song 200 yuan a month.

ranked five thousand in a song 300 yuan a month.

ranked three thousand in a song 400 yuan a month.

ranked one thousand in a song 500 yuan a month.

(please go to: flying advertising alliance registered account)

please: http://s.16388.com/cp/

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