Xu Xiaoping from the New Oriental era to the era of Chinese partner

recently, in Beijing 3W coffee store opening ceremony, 3W coffee chairman, true grid fund founder Xu Xiaoping’s speech passionate about their own experiences, his three story, won the audience applause. Xu Xiaoping said that everyone who made great things have encountered challenges, twists and turns, you can not endure the things you can not endure, endure the past have a chance. Entrepreneurship is not a one hundred meter sprint, entrepreneurship is a marathon. Entrepreneurs want to meet the expectations of the difficult challenges, and constantly towards the end.

Xu Xiaoping tells the story of the three stages of their own entrepreneurial story. In the New Oriental piracy crisis, they believe that "as long as you are loyal to your own ideal, loyal to your customers, have a chance to back to life; in the real fund period, Xu Xiaoping experienced a nine out of ten investment failure, a choice of" promise ", and entrepreneurs still stand together in the" Chinese partner; "stage, in order to go to the famous director Peter Chan, Xu Xiaoping went to the studio and Chen chat, chatting Chen also fell asleep, all kinds of twists and turns.

Xu Xiaoping encouraged entrepreneurs to stick to their own ideals, the paper proposes three suggestions: to have a boss, this can make things bigger, a decision; to have the team, will not be exhausted, a person is done; the founding team must have strong learning ability, work ability, influence.

Peter Chan decided to shoot the Chinese partner, with my visit about

I talk about the three stages of my own business and three stories, is a new stage, one is it real fund, and "China partner" stage. China partner in February 2011, when Han Zhengming told me that you write a script for a month, and then handed over the script in April 15th, on the boot in the year of November 15th, is up on the. You want this kind of entrepreneurial story is fascinating, but the process does not know how many twists and turns, can not find the director, to find a lot of actors can not do. Finally, in order to find Peter Chan, I flew to Hongkong in October, had talked with him four or five times, went to Hongkong, he said, I will come in the evening, he didn’t come, I could rent a business suite, more than 10 thousand Hong Kong dollars, today I want to talk to him, but there is no check-out tomorrow, he said that, I want to come back tomorrow evening, the time delay can afford, but can not afford to spend the money. Itself is HK $ten thousand, now twenty thousand. However, he did not come again on the second night. He is very guilty, he is doing martial arts last modification, very nervous. But I don’t understand, you miss two days, I am also a person, though not Chinese partner, but also a celebrity. As a result, you can’t come to me. Comrades think about it, under normal circumstances, I would certainly not want to go, do not shoot do not shoot. This time I test the time has come, I decided to go! The handlebar pull me to a dark place, like the urban high places, like Zhou Runfa, Jackie Chan shot the station, then to an industrial zone. To my surprise

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