All roads lead to Rome Amoy can earn one hundred

Objective: with most Wangzhuan friends, I also hope to earn some pocket money by Wangzhuan Wangzhuan the idea came to the family, many read, think and not me. So while learning, while looking for a good project, there is a time to see an article of guest scenarios, feel very good, so he joined the army operation for tens of thousands of Amoy, a few months time, also have experience, writing this article, do share with many Wangzhuan friends!

, what is the Amoy


is the guest promotion Ali Mama launched according to the extended form of billing transactions, similar to the CJ alliance, is according to the effect of the type of ad billing (CPS), which is also a large number of advertisers love most forms of advertising, the future will become an important part of online advertising.

The prospect of

two, guestI believe we all

on the recent Taobao screen Baidu have heard about the incident, why Ma to have the charm to do this move (otherwise I in this paper not only analysis, Ali mother and Tao, analysis) because he has two trump card, a trump card, Ali mother through more than a year of operation, integration many domestic small and medium-sized webmaster resources, has 4 billion daily traffic, then do not forget to to blockbuster, the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster but can not work late.

ace two, Tao guest promotion, if mom is the integration of a large number of domestic small and medium-sized webmaster resources, so is the integration of many Wangzhuan guest promotion crowd resources, we think, want to make money online group than in groups did not know how many times, but many Wangzhuan projects are certain constraints while the guest is completely no threshold, as long as you want to register an account, you can open a alipay.

Of course, the most important

to the businessmen is profitable, and the mother of Ali and Amoy promotion is the perfect solution to the issue of profit ( has at present, and Ali mother, combined) guest promotion is likely to be a magic weapon to win Ma e-commerce in the future war.

Many of the

network is now selling Wangzhuan project, basically have a lack of credibility, and many have such restrictions. Today, Ma also launched a project called Wangzhuan, Amoy, without adding the threshold, there is no limit on your promotion, spare time every day to do, let you earn pocket money, would you like to go to


three, Amoy how to do the promotion of

guest promotion about the following four forms, one is the single product promotion, two shop promotion, three category promotion, four is to promote the promotion of group (equivalent to more than a single product promotion)

forms you can go to study, choose suitable for promotion to own, I mainly is to introduce their common single product promotion, why choose it? It is because in general the Commission is relatively high, the same work is of course we choose the highest income, you >

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