Do the webmaster should not be too greedy

maybe we see this topic is very strange, or very fire. I now tell you the actual experience, the site has a risk, do stand to be careful


07 years in May started a video search engine website, then quit out of full-time website, due to various factors, the website featured a large amount of data, such as web site webmaster to start, rapid growth from 07 in September, of course, the main factor is because search engines, my website is 16 million (video data acquisition the), Baidu included millions (about about 1000000, can’t remember exactly). Google included also good. By October, web site IP close to 150 thousand. Google Adsense revenue has reached its peak.


actually because the first time to do the webmaster, no experience, did not take into account the risk of the site. That is the income, is very proud of. Plus a few other garbage station (image station, small game station, pure garbage station…. Cumulative revenue 200$.

suddenly one day, traffic fell down. A Baidu, included reducing, until the day of 1. The bad news one after another.

one day in October, suddenly received a message from Google Adsense, said that one of my sites have not content with the rules. Request is removed, or how, did not say all know.

I quickly removed, but not reconciled to such a domain name and space waste. So readily made a pure garbage station (on a web page, the contents of a high key words, put the above Google ads, the results on this brings me great trouble.

a page, a large ad. Lead to very high ctr. Cause Google attention, this thing is big. I lost my entire account, K. Google account is $more than 1 thousand and 800, not received. The whole October white did. This month is exactly where my website is at its peak. Many complaints are useless. Later, I heard that there are some policies on the video station… Just think of a way to connect the server to the site.

hope you can draw, don’t be too greedy. And there’s a rule. Of course, do better with their own profit model. Don’t rely too much on advertising. Money in the hands of others, after all, is not assured.

hope that through this article to know more webmaster

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