Young entrepreneurs have more ideas, to go to practice

every entrepreneur has a dream to become a millionaire, I am no exception, although I am only a sophomore, although I am still in the initial stages of entrepreneurship. I believe that this time looking at this article, all have a great dream of wealth, the so-called fellow people.

to write this article, mainly to talk about their own experience and feeling this way, even in a word, a word, if we can help you or be able to make you aware of something, I will feel very happy. Because, I believe in the gift economy, each of us to share a little, contribute something, then our society will continue to develop.

well, well. I grew up in the countryside, it is precisely because of this experience, I was very eager to wealth. And when I finally admitted to college, this desire for wealth is more intense. I always think, "I must do something, and if I go on like this, I have no sense of security."


money and a person’s sense of security has an important relationship

so, I began to contact Wangzhuan industry, at the beginning, because of what they do, so do a lot to try. I have done, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, browse the web survey, also made the Witkey forum. After doing a variety of things, I did make money, but it is hard money, hard money, investment and income is not proportional. Now I experienced, that I was in the food chain at the bottom, is the so-called "Wangzhuan of migrant workers".

there’s one thing I have to point out. When do these Wangzhuan, I found a foreign Wangzhuan site, do click on browse the web, at alarmingly high, a little advertising $5, more than $20, while you browse an advertisement only need about one minute. You don’t believe it, you believe it or not, anyway, I believe it. After a period of time, the money in the account more and more, I feel my ass sitting on the rocket, to heaven! Who would like to think that after a period of time, the site was closed, really TM pit father ah…… Had to sigh with emotion, he is really very naive na. Here, to tell their friends in their own personal experience in making money, we must use rational thinking, the sky is not really fall pie!


"the sea" practice

no knowledge is not terrible, you can also learn. No idea is the most terrible thing in the world. After so much exercise, I became rational, people have matured a lot. Recently, I have a very good idea, and this must be through the establishment of a web site to achieve, so my next goal is to learn to build website >

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