Share four common pitfalls in the process of business online


compared to the normal work, there is no strict restriction of time, no workplace relationship between superior and subordinate, comfortable, so many friends around to join this industry. In fact Wangzhuan field very wide, you can own a business website, can also be in the online shop, can even go to his work on the pig on sale in Wangzhuan after several years of development, the diversification of the mass base is also getting better at the same time. But have to say, there are a lot of friends around although rely on network earn real money, but most are minor, money is very rare. In addition to the hardware problems of its own, more is that we did not plan on the road of development of Wangzhuan, often fall into the trap of the business, which makes its own Wangzhuan Big word seldom accompany great deed.

limit yourself, don’t put your heart into the

Wangzhuan industry

this world not rewarding good, around a lot of friends with a common mentality, it is tentatively into the Wangzhuan industry, if there is potential for development is to abandon the existing work, if there is no potential, you can get out, but a thought not what is this ending yes, what is? What are not, because you can’t devote to Wangzhuan to, of course I said these only for some high hopes for Wangzhuan friends think he had in order to play something on the Internet, not only spend all day in the pig, A5 mission area, also do their own blog. A multi-faceted marketing, and the oneself also is already resigned from the net work, actually to do, is to give yourself a little pressure, not both Guzhe, imagine when you go home with unfinished The work, but also to cope with today’s orders, you work more efficiently? So as to be, to give yourself the courage of bridges.

don’t be too Qiuwen, involving too many small projects do not have the potential to

many friends when Wangzhuan, firmly believe that steady lured. No matter what, the foundation must be solid. I agree with this, but everything has a degree, the rapid development of the Internet, too much is not conducive to our Wangzhuan irresolute and hesitant of course development. Just as when he had the list to do the task, only the pig and A5 were removed in the mission area, of course is not to say that the two place is not good, but to tell the truth to the development potential of the pig, I dare not flatter, a link to the issuance of task only give you 2 yuan, do Baidu experience with links only 10 yuan, according to do so what time to mix and make? But there is a friend to leave. Feeling something like a small list, or occasionally a keyword optimization, not only the difficulty, but also "puerile", is also good. But since already do Wangzhuan, we should put their sights farther, to tell you the truth if you puerile, a month can earn? 20003000 or 4000, but if you give yourself more space for development, to try the difficult list, not only for their own training, income also in no way inferior.


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