Entrepreneurship is just a way of life

believe that we all have a Unwilling ordinary, want to start a heart, especially as a man. In fact, entrepreneurship is a way of life, why do I say so? Business risk as we all know, if we don’t start can also get wealth, our technology is hard for a lifetime what also don’t worry, such as employees of the Baidu Inc for a lifetime refers to the shares of the Baidu Inc can live well. So why do we take the risk to start a business?

venture risk, investment need to be cautious. According to the survey, the probability of success Chinese annual registration of corporate entrepreneurship is only three percent, in the face of such a low success rate of why there are so many people who want to start? Very simple, have a far behind the heart, who do not want a lifetime working for others, who all know work is the lowest cost of investment. However, if you want to start a business, you must be prepared to reduce your chances of failure. Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, aren’t they?

venture that simple is not simple, it is not difficult, why do some people succeed and others fail? There is only one reason, because he paid much more than you, but why you can’t see him pay while seeing only one side of his success? Because you are successful people the aura is the most attractive, so you can only see the success of his aura, he can not see behind the sweat.

so we want to start a business, how can we reduce the chance of failure?

1, brand

want to start their own business process with you first need to build their own brands, whether everything has its own brand, and you are a brand, for example, your name is a brand. This point is especially important in the Internet business, many people will say that the word does not have the brand keywords bring more traffic, more traffic is not important, you can guarantee the flow but you can guarantee that your conversion rate is certainly not high?. Search keywords to your website users are likely to be the user at any time, but the search brand word to your website users will always be your most loyal user groups, because their only goal is to search your website.

2, double surplus

now open a business venture, a large number of people have this problem, their company is to put the results in the first place is not the interests of users, and now many outsourcing companies are such a phenomenon. Received a lot of money, but customers can not see a little effect. This company will be finished sooner or later, if a business you want to do for a long time, you must ensure that a double profit model, more than your company is profitable, but also to make your customers feel profitable, this company can always go on.

3, free

regardless of any industry, as long as you are for customer service, you must have a profit, but there are a lot of people eager to make money, so the beginning is a slaughter of the user. In fact

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